Breaking the Mold: The BMW XM CS Redefines Hybrid SUVs

Real-deal BMW enthusiasts might have been less than thrilled with the XM, a three-ton hybrid SUV primarily focused on luxurious backseat comfort rather than handling and dynamics. However, there’s still hope for the XM to capture the hearts of enthusiasts. Enter the BMW XM CS, a model that has the potential to restore faith in the brand.

CS models from BMW have always delivered on the promise of excellence, and it’s time for the XM to experience the same magic. Let’s start with the powertrain. The XM’s V8 hybrid powertrain is its strongest asset, but for the CS variant, it needs a boost to reach the full potential of 738 horsepower, without unnecessary frills. An accompanying titanium exhaust would further enhance the experience.

Weight reduction is crucial to improve XM’s performance. While the hybrid powertrain contributes to the overall weight, there are other areas to address. Carbon fibre bucket seats can replace the bulky, comfortable ones, and the rear seats can be swapped for racing buckets, reminiscent of the M5 CS. Removing unnecessary interior features like the polygonal headliner and excessive leather will shed even more weight. A carbon fibre hood and wider lightweight wheels with wider tires will provide better grip and agility.

Refinements in the XM CS should go beyond weight reduction. The air suspension would benefit from recalibration, following in the footsteps of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT. Steering tuning, negative camber adjustments, and a thinner steering wheel would enhance the driving experience further.

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