[Video] New BMW X6 M Takes on Audi RS Q8 with a Twist

Seeing different kinds of cars that we can buy these days with the performance they offer is quite fascinating. When the first BMW X6 made its debut, several automakers laughed at it. However, it later on turned into outright screams with the release of the M model. This idea of a car with a coupe-like roofline and high-performance SUV does not seem that outlandish now. Can it take on much better models? We will find that out. Check out this newly released video of DSC OFF as the new BMW X6 M Competition takes on the Audi RS Q8. This time, the guys from DSC OFF took the game to another level with a twist.

Along with the evolution of the BMW X6 M is the growth of its competition. The X6 M also has other rivals in this segment aside from the Audi and Mercedes-AMG. From the Urus, Aston Martin DBX, and the Cayenne Coupe.

These guys from DSC OFF feature three of the hottest SUV Coupes available in the market. Usually, comparisons are only between the BMW X6 M Competition and the Audi RS Q8. However, a Lamborghini Urus joins the game. The Audi RS Q8 is doing well than the Urus as seen in this video. Even so, the Italian bull shows up its superior specs as the two reach three-digit speeds.

However, the BMW takes the scene as it takes on the RS Q8 out of it. The guys saw the Audi not having to stand a chance, so they decided to twist the race. BMW will be taking two passengers behind its wheel. This time, the BMW will be heavier and have a hard time racing the Audi as they hope. Did their plan work? Dig in for more details in this new video of DSC OFF.

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