[VIDEO] Featuring the new BMW X6 M Competition

Since then, BMW has been leading in producing a large, odd-looking, fast SUV, with the original BMW X6 M. Several German automakers are following the suit, trying to exceed the standard that BMW made for SUVs. Automakers are trying to beat Bavaria’s BMW X6 M. Yet, despite several styling, massive power, capability upgrades, and generation changes, BMW might still be acing the game. The Smoking Tire releases a new video featuring the new BMW X6 M Competition on some twisty canyon roads. Check out for more details in this video of the X6 M by Matt Farah as it takes on the road.

The new BMW X6 M Competition comes packed with a 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that makes 617 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. As seen in the video, the X6 M is indeed fast. It has sleek lines, a plush interior, and a coveted badge on the hood. Its physics-defying suspension and chassis seem flat-out mobbing a canyon road. However, the X6 M Competition is not that involving and quite numb, which is pretty difficult to judge what the car is doing underneath. It is hard to know what it is about to do. Driving an X6 M quickly only lets you react to what you see rather than what you feel.

There are potential capabilities in the new BMW X6 M. Consider also that the X6 is capable that it even performs in a way an SUV should not. Matt Farah got the chance to race an old BMW X5 M in One Lap of America, and the results went well despite using an SUV. Farah claims that the X6 M is similar to the X5 having the same formula. It only comes with more luxury, better tech, and less involvement.

Overall, the BMW X6 M Competition is an outstanding SUV with its shocking speed and power.

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