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MHX5 700 Launches as BMW X5 M Competition with 730 HP

Several BMW projects based on M models kept Manhart busy working in the recent weeks and this includes the MHX5 700. The MHX5 700 is an X5 M Competition on tuner steroids, adding to the growing list. Aftermarket specialists believe there’s always room for more, although no one thinks the performance SUV is underpowered.

MHX5 700 Launches as BMW X5 M Competition with 730 HP

The twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8, modified to produce 730 horsepower, is the highlight of Manhart’s build. Also, its torque reaches a massive 900 Nm (664 lb-ft). A remapped ECU or the tuner’s MHtronik auxiliary control unit are used to produce a large increase in output. In addition, it has a detachable gasoline particulate filter and catalytic converters for those who want to go even further. As a result, you won’t get a TUV approval if you pursue this route.

The German tuner will be pleased to upgrade the retained original brakes on Mahart’s X5 M Competition with a custom set. For a more aggressive stance, the H&R suspension springs available at an extra cost will bring the fast SUV closer to the road. A 22-inch set with a gold rim decoration made its way to replace the OEM wheels. The front and rear fascias feature distinct accents as well.

MHX5 700 Launches as BMW X5 M Competition with 730 HP

Manhart equips the X5 M Competition with a meaner body kit to match the additional oomph of the uprated V8. A front spoiler lip and a rear diffuser with an F1-style centre light are among the carbon fibre add-ons. Chunky side skirts, hood vents, and a two-piece spoiler installed on the tailgate are also noticeable.

Subtle modifications on the inside, such as gold embroidery on the leather upholstery, round out the changes. The modification includes painted door panels and seats’ centre in the same stunning colour. Embroidered floor mats, as well as shift paddles and carbon-fibre steering wheel trim, are also on the list.

In general, it elegantly modified the high-powered SUV. Nevertheless, since it’s a little out of date, they could honestly do without the windshield sticker.

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