[VIDEO] BMW X3 M Frozen Marina Bay Blue Takes Over BMW Welt

While gearing up for the new X3, BMW isn’t saying goodbye to the current model just yet. The high-end M variant, showcased at the BMW Welt, looks striking in its matte Individual paint. Frozen Marina Bay Blue Metallic, while not the most common choice, impressively suits nearly every vehicle. We’ve observed its versatility time and again.

This F97 build, based on the facelifted version, likely ranks among the priciest with its extensive standard equipment list. It features numerous added options, such as Shadowline accents, laser headlights, a competition package, and 21-inch wheels. Being one of the last models with the older iDrive technology, its interior is beginning to feel dated. However, some prefer this setup as it retains traditional buttons for standard functions rather than relying solely on touchscreen inputs.

Some may say it’s showing age against newer rivals, but this isn’t necessarily bad. In contrast to the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63’s shift to a four-cylinder plug-in hybrid, it retains an inline-six engine. If Audi releases an RS Q5, it will probably have an electric motor and a smaller combustion engine, aligning with industry trends.

Rumours indicate BMW plans to make the X3 M’s drivetrain fully electric, abandoning its partial electrification. Speculation points to no future six-cylinder versions but a high-performance electric vehicle on the Neue Klasse platform. This mirrors BMW’s announcement of an all-electric future M3, making such a change unsurprising.

There’s expected to be a considerable gap between the ICE X3 M’s discontinuation and its EV replacement’s debut. The standard Neue Klasse-based iX3 launches in 2025, but the X3 M’s EV successor might not arrive until about 2027. The current ICE X3 M will likely phase out by the end of 2024. Therefore, for traditional gasoline setup enthusiasts, time is limited.

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