[VIDEO] BMW X3 M Competition Impressed the Savagegeese

The Savagegeese did a follow-up review on the 2022 BMW X3 M Competition to determine if the changes made it better or worse. Car enthusiasts recognize these guys as some of the most acid critics of the BMW brand. Hence, making car enthusiasts’ eyebrows raise is their speciality in their reviews. This time around, they praise the BMW X3 M Competition, which caught a lot of attention.

After their last video where they drove with the X3, many were curious about what had changed. It seems to come down to the tires after viewing the 14-minutes long review. It’s a little too bumpy for many people and as strange as it may sound, they made a significant difference in the BMW X3 Competition’s ride. Having switched to softer winter tires, it appears it has been solved in this case.

Moreover, the car’s interior and technology earn compliments from the review from its ergonomics to the screens. Also, the X3 gains good impressions when it comes to the engine and transmission. But its rear seats caught attention as they are a bit too stiff. In the long run, it’s a bucket full of pros and cons. However, it’s straightforward in just over 14 minutes and covers all you would be interested in.

This year, a new front and rear look took part in the BMW X3 M Competition’s facelift. With sharper edges here and there, this new take on the X3’s iconic face gives it a more aggressive look. Furthermore, the update altered the engines under the skin as well. But it’s a more recent model with improved cooling and internal changes while there’s still an S58 under the hood. As you’ll see, it’s still tough, especially on snow-covered surfaces. Check out the extensive review from the video above. Don’t forget to Subscribe to their Youtube Channel. 

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