[VIDEO] Top Ten Things to Know for the 2021 BMW M5 CS

The 2021 BMW M5 CS is likely Bavaria’s media favorite as of now. Enthusiasts find the M5 CS quite impressive and, for some reason, can’t stop talking about it. However, there is more information that most enthusiasts do not seem to know from the latest M Division’s bruiser. Check out this new video from BMWBLOG disclosing the top ten highlights of the M5 CS.

BMWBLOG highlights the top ten things to know about the BMW M5 CS in this video. The engine is an upgraded 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that now produces an immense 627 horsepower on purpose for CS-duty. It exceeds any other production in BMW history. The BMW M5 CS engine is remarkable for being the most powerful in BMW history. Well, in fact, it even outdoes the naturally-aspirated V12 of McLaren F1.

That much power with the weight reduction of the M5 CS gives the best power-to-weight ratio of the M history. Surprisingly, a luxurious Sedan weighing two-ton-plus has the best power to weight ratio of any BMW. Indeed, it is better than the iconic E46 M3 CSL.

The M5 CS looks cool with the yellow headlights like the BMW M8 Gran Coupe first edition model. Moreover, it gives the M5 CS a throwback to classic racing cars that vintage fans would likely get a pick on. BMW should probably give other cars yellow headlights for a more nostalgic vibe. 

What is more exciting about the M5 CS is the back seat. It features two racing bucket seats and gets rid of the traditional bench. The rear seats of the 2021 M5 CS are too sporty so, do not expect passengers to be cozy. Even so, they allow the owner to bring three adults on the race track and get ready for fun. 

Go ahead and check out the video for more information about the 2021 BMW M5 CS top ten highlights. 

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