[Video] First Drive in the Coming BMW M5 CS

We have now heard several reviews about what the BMW M3 and M4 are and their capabilities. However, BMW discloses something for enthusiasts and journos to look forward to – the coming BMW M5 CS. “When I first heard of the M5 CS, I was worried it would be a cynical cash-grab; fitting an M5 with some carbon aero and calling it a day. Thankfully, I was wrong, and the upcoming M5 CS seems like it is going to be an incredible machine,” says Nico DeMattia from BMWBLOG. GerCollector makes a video, giving insights of the coming M5 CS and probably its first video review. Get a closer look at the new BMW M5 CS and how it takes the road in this newly released video from GerCollector.

The new BMW M5 CS hits the road with an impressive 2.92 seconds from 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h). Although the standard M5 gets similar times, the M5 CS was driven on cold tires and in less ideal conditions. Imagine taking it on roads wearing warm tires and the best conditions, then getting 2.8 seconds is not impossible.

Seeing how aggressive and fast the M5 CS is in the real world makes it remarkable as it is. It takes an on-ramp at over 60 mph flawlessly and accelerates as if it was a bullet. The M5 CS reached 193 mph (311 km/h) within only a few seconds. Moreover, it is impressively fast to achieve 6.58 seconds in 62-124 mph (311 km/h). “The standard BMW M5 was already missile-fast but the M5 CS, with its added power and lighter weight, seems like a different animal altogether,” De Mattia stated.

The new BMW M5 CS is excellent overall and is something to look forward to. Who does not want to get first-hand with this outstanding car?

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