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[VIDEO] BMW M5 CS Drag Races Against McLaren 570S

Regarded as one of the best products ever to emerge from BMW’s M Division’s expert hands is the BMW M5 CS. However, car enthusiasts criticized the BMW M5 after being considered the pinnacle of the super sedan. Because in recent generations, the BMW M5 has become softer and more luxurious. But BMW M5 CS is out of the question in this case. 

Like the usual M5 models, BMW designed BMW M5 CS to represent an ultimate car. At the same time, it aims to prove that a twin-turbocharged engine, automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive can offer pure, engaging pleasure. It appears to be a tough race when you put an M5 CS on the drag strip. Even competing with much faster and more powerful cars, the M5 CS still established its worth. In other words, this time, it is about a real supercar.

In the video above, a BMW M5 CS competes in a rolling drag race against a McLaren 570S. A standing start race plays into the hands of the McLaren since the British supercar is a rear-wheel drive model, removing the advantage provided by the M xDrive system of the M5 CS. The BMW is competing outside of its class based on its spec sheet. And it clearly shows their difference in terms of their weight. Overall, the BMW weighs 400 kilos more than the 570S.

As for power output, the Bavarian machine has more advantage over the McLaren. This is due to the 570 horsepower and 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) torque of the 570S, which is lesser than the M5 CS’ 626 horsepower and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque. The results of this rolling race are pretty straightforward if you only look at the difference in weight. However, comparing the two from a standing start would have been interesting.

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