[Video] Another Test Drive for the all-new BMW M5 CS by Joe Achilles

BMW’s most intriguing vehicle, the all-new BMW M5 CS, is one of the extreme, high-performance sedans and is lighter, sharper and more dynamic than ever before. Instead of a typical bench seat, it includes two sport seats in the rear. This will be the first time people wish to ride in the back of a car on a racetrack. Therefore, Joe Achilles jumped on a chance when he was allowed to drive it a second time. Check the video below to know more.

Not only is the all-new BMW M5 CS the most powerful production BMW ever, but it’s also the fastest. According to Joe Achilles, the M5 CS’s 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 generates 627 horsepower and propels a 2.7-second run from 0-60 mph. With significantly more power, only all-electric sedans can compete with this high-performance car. Either BMW is cautious with the M5 CS’s power figures, or Bavarian horses are much more powerful than usual.

The BMW M5 CS is much more alive than other modern M vehicles. This is another major point raised by Achilles in his second time with the car. According to him, the M5 CS has more feel and engagement than his G80 BMW M3 Competition despite being a massive and hefty vehicle. However, it is also more comfortable than any other M5 model despite being faster and more engaging. BMW M’s suspension tuning staff is getting adept at CS vehicles. BMW will soon apply this expertise to regular M vehicles. 

Wearing the BMW Roundel in recent years, the BMW M5 CS is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and unique cars, if not the most thrilling and fantastic.

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