New BMW M5 CS as Next Generational Driving Machine

BMW proves that its M Division has not lost one step with the new BMW M2 CS. At any price point, the BMW M2 CS is one of the most engaging and fun cars available in the market today. There seems to be nothing that needs improvement in the M2 CS. From its regulatory restraints, 2 Series chassis, and M3 engine, the BMW M2 CS is near perfect. Yet, there is something much more perfect that everyone can be excited about – the new BMW M5 CS. The BMW M5 CS is truly something to look forward to as it can potentially be the next generational driving machine. We will find that out from Top Gear’s review of the new BMW M5 CS.

New BMW M5 CS as Next Generational Driving Machine

Considering how good the M5 CS seems to be, driving the M5 CS is probably not the chance that every journo can have. Yet, Top Gear gets behind the wheels of an M5 CS and takes it for a review.

New BMW M5 CS as Next Generational Driving Machine 1

The M5 CS is the most powerful M car in history as of now, as it packs a remarkable 636 horsepower through a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. BMW claims that it can reach a flat three seconds from 0-60 mph. This BMW M5 CS is also much more like its M2 sibling. It comes with more power, stripped-back, lighter, and more driver-oriented than its standard M5.

New BMW M5 CS as Next Generational Driving Machine 2

Furthermore, BMW gives the M5 CS new bespoke dampers, subframe bushings, a lower ride height, and springs. The automaker also gives it a set of Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, making it balance between handling, ride comfort, and a better grip. Top Gear claims that it is much like the M2 CS. It comes more composed and handles better than the standard M5 Competition, and more comfortable. Moreover, the M5 CS proves that its suspension never gets upset with its more superior control. That means it can go over harsh pavements even in stiffer settings.

Top Gear says that the M5 CS is more engaging. It also comes with a better balance, more fun, and sharper than the standard M5 Competition. These all come in the new BMW M5 CS. It maintains its standard ability to cruise with comfort in motorways and for daily use.

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