[VIDEO] E34 BMW M5 Touring a likely Future Icon

The E34 BMW M5 is one of the more unacknowledged cars from the M series. It was one of the most heavily criticized for following up the legendary E28 M5. The E34 M5 was at a disadvantage even before its debut for being a sequel to the original M5. There is no exception for the E35 M4 for the criticism. However, it began to gain a lot of fan appreciation over the years. Could this be the moment for the E34 M5 to be the future icon?

Take a look at the video of Seen Through Glass with the E34 BMW M5 on the road. The fact that the E34 M5 is the only one from the two M5s to offer a wagon body style makes it more interesting. It shows off a sleeky silver color under the sun thus, still give that modern-day look. The E34 is also the original long-roof M5. Overall, it does not feel like you are driving a 25-year-old car.

The M5 Touring is heavier, more powerful, comfortable, and comes with better tech than the original E28 M5. All thanks to its wagon body for the practicality. The BMW M5 Touring uses a bigger 3.8-liter inline-six after the mid-cycle refresh. It comes with 340 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. This gives a flashback of the naturally-aspirated engines which had less torque than horsepower. We do miss those days where you had to use the revs to make power.

It could be something to invest in now in hopes that it will significantly appreciate. If you are an avid BMW fan and collector, then the E34 BMW M5 Touring is a stunning car to get into now. Check out this video to see what the E34 BMW M5 is like and get that ’90s vibe.

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