BMW M5 CS Races Against the Blackwing on Lightning Lap 2022

Every year, the fastest cars from the previous year’s Lightning Lap Test are tested by Car and Driver. The Lightning Lap Test evaluates not only the speed but also the handling of the car on the race track. In fact, the BMW M5 CS was present as one of the fastest sedans of the year. The Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing will no doubt be a thorn in BMW’s side for years to come, as it was also present.

BMW M5 CS Races Against Blackwing on Lightning Lap 2022

The BMW M5 thoroughly impressed C&D on the race track. Although its 627 hp is a significant advantage on the racetrack, it is only ten more than the 617 hp of the M5 Comp. So, it is not significantly more powerful than the relatively original M5 Competition. This is due to the improved suspension, the weight reduction of 125 pounds and the grippy Pirelli P Zero Corsa PZC4 tires.

Contrary to what size and weight might suggest, C&D found the BMW M5 CS to be much more stable at speed. Moreover, the M CS was even faster on the straight than the Porsche 911 GT3. But can the M5 CS outperform one of the most impressive performance sedans and the powerful CT5-V Blackwing?

BMW M5 CS Races Against Blackwing on Lightning Lap 2022

No, but there is an exception. C&D could not drive the car on the track for too long in order not to damage its only set of tires since BMW did not provide a second set of tires. The best lap time of the M5 CS on the VIR was 2:50.3 (Virginia International Raceway). At the same time, the Blackwing clocked a time of 2:49.4.

Although the M5 CS could not keep up with the Blackwing, it came very close. C&D could have lapped it for longer and achieved a better time if BMW had provided extra tires. Unfortunately, BMW did not. Therefore C&D could not, and so the Caddy won. This will be an entertaining battle for a while.

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