What Makes Vorsteiner Delete BMW M4 Grille

In 2021, the M division sold 163,542 cars, a 13% increase in deliveries over the previous year. Although BMW does not break down sales by model, it is plausible to assume that the new M3 and M4 were the main cause of the increase in interest. However, the XXXL radiator grille of the BMW M4 G82 has proved popular with buyers.

The M4 G82’s enlarged kidneys may have put off some potential buyers, but that does not mean sales figures could not be higher. Although BMW made a mistake with the front end design, Vorsteiner has found a way to accommodate those who disagree. Instead of reducing the size of the radiator grille, the tuner has decided to remove it altogether.

With the Carbon Aero Grille Delete Touring Edition, you get two panels that replace the horizontal slats of your car’s radiator grille. The “M4” emblem and the parking sensors are retained by Vorsteiner. Also included is a radar sensor for the cruise control and safety systems. A black car like this, with a splitter in the same colour, looks best with the carbon fibre trim. Changes made for purely aesthetic reasons are one thing. After all, the grille has a job to do, regardless of how it looks. The engine needs to be kept cool, also, the performance of the S58 could suffer if the airflow is interrupted.

In other words, overheating is inevitable. This is unlikely unless Vorsteiner has found a way to keep the inline six-cylinder at an optimal temperature. We would worry about damaging the 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine if it cannot “breathe”, as it seems interesting to do. Vorsteiner will be taking pre-orders for the carbon aero grille from 1 April if you are interested. The M3 Sedan and the future M3 Touring will also be able to use the panels. The package costs $80 for sedans, $81 for estates and $82 for coupes.

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