[VIDEO] Watch What Makes BMW M4 CSL Special

The new bimmer was unquestionably the star of the 2022 Concorso d’Eleganza. And the renowned Villa d’Este surrounds it. Watch what makes BMW M4 CSL extra special in this video.

On the shores of the charming Lake Como, the BMW M4 CSL finally made a world debut.

The annual car exhibition commemorated the 50th anniversary of the BMW M. And as expected, there were various M cars on display.

So, what makes the BMW M4 CSL the star of this event? The car went on a diet and looked more aggressive and dynamic. Compared to the M4 Competition, it lost around 100 kilograms (220 pounds). This diet seems to contribute to a new Nurburgring track record of 7:20 minutes for a BMW.

They reduced the CSL’s curb weight by 24 kg, thanks to lightweight carbon fiber bucket seats. They also removed the back seats and rear seat systems, saving 21 kilograms. Carbon-ceramic brakes, lighter wheels, new springs, and new struts also contributed to the weight reduction. These components reduced weight by 21 kg as well.

They also reduced the weight by 15 kg when BMW removed much of the soundproofing. They replaced it with a lighter-weight alternative that still sounded great. Switching to titanium exhaust silencers also saved another four kilograms. Around 11 kg is lost with the carbon fiber exterior details.

Finally, using less-weight parts throughout the car saved another 4 kg. These parts include a carbon fiber hood, new kidney grilles, rear lights, floor mats, and automated climate control. So, it now weighs 1,625 kg (3,582 lbs).

BMW revealed the car to the public in Frozen Brooklyn Grey metallic. BMW also offers the car in Sapphire Black or Alpine White at no extra cost. The carbon fiber aerodynamic kit and red accents are standard on all 1,000 units intended for manufacturing.

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