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[VIDEO] Watch Joe Achilles Drive the BMW M4 GT4 on the Red Bull Ring

Racing at the Red Bull Ring, Joe Achilles hoped to summon his inner Max Verstappen and hold his own on the Formula One circuit. Instead of an F1 car, a BMW M4 Competition was used. This was not for him, to say the least. Achilles made the most of his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive on an actual Formula 1 track.

His first task on the day was to follow an instructor in an M3 Competition and drive the aforementioned M4 Competition. But this is the usual lead/follow pattern seen at M Track events. Several incredible experiences followed for Achilles, such as driving an M4 GT4 race car.

He was trained in the operation of the M4 GT4 and then sent to an F1 race track, where he was able to do his best. Few people truly appreciate the thrill of driving a race car with its superior brakes and grippy tyres. To meet GT4 requirements, the M4 GT4 is slower than the road car on the straights. The GT4, on the other hand, is faster all along the track because it can brake later and maintains a higher speed in the corners.

Achilles then got the opportunity to drive the GT4 alongside BMW racing icon Timo Glock, and the experience seemed exhilarating. Glock’s demeanour while driving the M4 GT4 was so relaxed that it was hard to believe he was a superb driver. He even drifted a little towards the end.

They had the opportunity to drive with the Red Bull Drift Brothers, who have two M4s specially converted for drifting. One of the best experiences of my life was being a co-driver in one of these cars. This is just one of several such tracks BMW hosts around the world. Europe, the United States and Canada all have them. This video shows why it is crucial to take advantage of such opportunities when you can.

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