[VIDEO] BMW M4 G82 Night Run in the streets of Riga

The video of the BMW M4 G82 driving through the streets of Riga is sure to inspire you if you like creative videos with cars. In this shot of the M4, taken in the late evening hours, you might forget about the massive kidneys. In the streets of Riga, the most incredible city and capital of Latvia, Hlevitsky Films elegantly shot the hotter Competition model. The man with the camera took the footage in the pouring rain to enhance the visual impact. 

Once you get past the oversized grille, the footage of the M4 G82 in the Hlevitsky Films video looks sharp. Many are amazed at the carbon fibre accents in the Brooklyn Grey colour. It still depends on the individual’s preference, but most people do not think black wheels look right on a BMW M4 82.

With various M Performance enhancements, BMW can make the latest generation M4 look much more aggressive than it does here. Although the large rear wing is undoubtedly eye-catching, the centrally positioned exhaust system is perhaps the most striking of all. With the long-awaited return of the CSL, the M Division will soon take the sports coupé to the next level.

An aggressive body kit for better aerodynamics and improved cooling makes the Coupe Sport Lightweight even more visually daring. In 2023, BMW will release the CS, a successor to the two-seater M4 G82. After the LCI, other special editions could appear. Compared to its predecessor, BMW has expanded the M3/M4 range for the first time by including the xDrive. The long-awaited M3 Touring will join the BMW model range before the end of 2022. 

In terms of aesthetics, artsy videos like this put the M4 G82 in a good light. So maybe the grille is not a huge deal after all because the M division had a fantastic 2021 in terms of sales.

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