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[VIDEO] BMW M4 CSL Pursues Huracan STO in Autobahn Speed Test

The BMW M4 CSL and Lamborghini Huracan STO are special, track-ready editions. Both offer rear-wheel drive, automatic transmissions, and two seats. However, the Lamborghini boasts a V10 behind the seats, while the BMW sports a twin-turbo inline-six up front.

Despite their distinct leagues and prices, the BMW M4 CSL and Huracan STO met in Germany. Both exceeded 186 mph on the Autobahn. Although not built for sheer speed, they’re among the fastest cars available.

On paper, the Lamborghini is slightly faster, boasting 193 mph to BMW’s 191 mph. Both drivers aimed to test these speeds, weaving through traffic legally. BMW let YouTuber Joe Achilles push their M4 CSL for a video.

The Huracan STO costs more, but the BMW M4 CSL is rarer, with only 1,000 units made. Both cars excel in curves over straight paths. Of the M4 CSL colours, we’d pick Saphire Black.

Next year, BMW will release the CS model, a more relaxed version of the CSL with rear seats. The BMW M4 CS will mirror the M3 CS sedan with new headlights, prepping for the M4’s Life Cycle Impulse.

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