[VIDEO] BMW M4 CSL Dominates with New Nurburgring Record

The BMW M4 CSL has broken its own Nürburgring record. While the team in Garching is known for their relentless pursuit of perfection, they weren’t resting on their laurels. A year after securing the fastest mid-range title, the ambition surged anew. Steering maestro Jörg Weidinger again took the helm, executing a masterful run through the formidable Green Hell circuit. The outcome was remarkable: they shaved two seconds off their previous time, crossing the finish line at 7:18.137 minutes.

The BMW M4 CSL has outpaced its closest rival, the Jaguar XE SV Project 8, by a cheeky five seconds. Interestingly, the BMW M3 CS (G80) lags nearly 10 seconds behind its sleeker cousin. Meanwhile, the M3 Touring (G81) wagon trails by a leisurely 17 seconds. Nordschleife fans, there’s a treat in store. Dive into the record lap video, spiced up with Jörg Weidinger’s witty commentary.

The results didn’t raise our eyebrows. Weidinger mentioned challenging weather after reflecting on his M4 CSL’s Nurburgring run last year during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. He hinted then: with the perfect alignment of “all stars”, shaving a few seconds would be a doddle.

For those new to Nürburgring lingo, understanding lap times is key. The mentioned 7 minutes and 18.137 seconds were for the full 20.832-kilometre stretch. However, most car journals clock laps on a 20.600-kilometre route, skipping a straight bit near the start-finish line. Just a wee heads up!

This feat bests the M4 CSL’s official time by a nifty 3.5 seconds, showcasing its prowess on the famed circuit. On the same day, Weidinger took the M2 G87 for a spin around the Green Hell, clocking 7:38.70 and smashing the earlier compact car record.

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