[VIDEO] A 1,000 km in the new BMW M4 Competition

The new BMW M4 Competition videos and reviews are all made within a short amount of time by different journos. Cars usually only get tested for a week, which is a bit short for some enthusiasts. But not in Joe Achilles’ case, as he gets to do a 1,000 km drive in his BMW M4 Competition test car. It is quite an achievement for a week-long test drive. Find out Joe Achilles’ impressions in his new video of the new BMW M4 Competition.

How do Achilles find the M4 Competition after spending some time with it? Achilles is a fan of the M4’s new body styling. He likes the new look of the M4. There are a lot of things that he loves about the M4 and some that he does not quite like. Joe loves the interior and its low driving position, along with the cool new carbon buckets. However, the seats could probably cause some discomfort due to the cutout in the center of the seat bottom as it tends to show wear on the outside bolsters quickly.

But what about its drive? Well, the M4 Competition can potentially be even better than his BMW 420i long-term test car. Driving the M4 in Comfort mode is good indeed. The M Division still knew how to make a proper suspension, as proven and seen in the BMW M2 CS. So, it is good for the M4 to be following it. Its ZF eight-speed auto loses the engagement of the old seven-speed DCT, which is a downside for the M4. It feels a bit less engaging as it lacks the zip of the previous gearbox. However, the ZF8 still performs well enough.

Joe Achilles probably knows the weaknesses and strengths of the new BMW M4 Competition than any other. Get into more details in this new video of Joe Achilles.

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