Does Urban Green Suit Best on the new G82 BMW M4?

BMW releases a series of green-painted models over the years, especially in its M Division. Green paintworks now make their way back to BMW. From the Aurora Diamant Green and Oxford Green to the recent Isle of Man Green and San Remo Green, choices come diverse. However, one shade shines out the most. Check out these photos of the new G82 BMW M4 Coupe wearing a classy Urban Green coating.

Does Urban Green Suit Best on the new G82 BMW M4

We have seen this shade on the previous-gen M3 and M4, as well as in the M440i and M8. Somehow, we are about to see the new BMW G82 M4 Coupe wear the same Urban Green coating. The sports coupe gains a more dynamic and luxurious look with the classy green and blacked-out accents of the M4 playing perfectly.

Does Urban Green Suit Best on the new G82 BMW M4 1

The BMW Individual Catalog is open to all customers that have deep pockets. However, paint choice is not an easy task. Going down the variety of colors may fascinate BMW owners with the paintwork diversity. It happens especially when seeing popular favorites like the Ferrari Red, Tanzanite Blue, Fire Orange, or Daytona Violet.

Even so, there will likely be a color for every M owner out there. From non-metallic, metallic, and matte options, one would find what best fits their BMW. Owners can get non-metallic colors such as the classic Alpine White and the new Sao Paulo Yellow. For the metallic coating, the Isle of Man Green, Sapphire Black, Toronto Red, Portimao Blue are also available.

Does Urban Green Suit Best on the new G82 BMW M4 2

BMW offers standard colors from the BMW Individual program, such as the classy Frozen White and Brilliant White. Other classic options are Frozen Dark Grey, Dravit Grey, Frozen Portimao, and many more. The German automaker has more to offer from the BMW Individual Catalog so its customers can pick what suits them best.

Pricing for the 2021 BMW M3 Sedan in the U.S. is at an MSRP of $69,900. It costs nearly $2,500 more than the F80 M3 Sedan. While the 2021 BMW M4 starts at $71,800 compared to the $69,150 price on the F82 M4. Competition models for the M3 and M4 come for $72,800 with the former, and $74,700 for the latter. All of these variants are in a rear-wheel-drive setup. However, customers can expect an all-wheel-version made available at the market in late 2021.

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