BMW M4 GT4 Evo surprised Tim Steven of CNET Roadshow

The BMW M4 GT4 is discussed by car enthusiasts because, despite its name, it is not a standard M4 for the road. In various motorsport series, the M4 has instead transformed into a race-proven vehicle. You’ll have to say goodbye to crazy ideas, though, because it’s not road-legal.

BMW M4 GT4 Evo

With a low price of only $210.00, the Bavarians are selling you a real BMW race car. Considering it’s a crazy race car, that’s actually not too bad.

Many car enthusiasts are still wondering what driving the M4 GT4 feels like. Whether the M4 GT4 Evo is difficult, intimidating or scary to drive. Tim Steven of CNET Roadshow confirms that driving the BMW M4 GT4 Evo is not intimidating nor difficult at all. The press event gave him the opportunity to test the newly redesigned BMW M4 GT4 Evo at the Thermal Club. For $2,796, regular customers and car enthusiasts can also try it out.


One thing that has surprised Steven during his time in the M4 is how forgiving it is to drive. However, the air conditioning only works when braking and the loud vibrations are noticeable, so it’s not completely comfortable. To have an M4 GT4 with a good interior climate is incredibly rare. But the M4 GT4 seems to be very pleasant to drive despite its lack of comfort.

Steven was able to really get a feel of the BMW M4 GT4 Evo and had a fun driving experience after some coaching from the longtime BMW professional Bill Auberlen. It can be very intimidating when you see a car like the BMW M4 GT4 Evo with all its aerodynamic parts, sophisticated interior and racing livery. But the BMW Driving School programme guarantees a great driving experience for customers willing to put the money on the table for such a car. 

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