BMW M4 CSL Shows Off Its Three Stunning Colors

The M4 CSL is taking a family photo for the first time. It is to display the three exterior paints that it offers. Here, the BMW M4 CSL shows off its three stunning colors.

BMW M4 CSL Shows Off Its Three Stunning Colors

According to BMW, the ideal paint for the M4 CSL is undoubtedly Frozen Brooklyn Grey Metallic. As evidenced by the fact that this color was used exclusively in official photos of the stripped-down performance car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

We can say the same thing about the lightweight Ms displayed during this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. However, those 1,000 buyers of the third-ever CSL can also choose from Alpine White or Sapphire Black.

To each his or her own, but we’d have it in black, to be honest. The German configurator lists the two alternative colors. Each of these comes with contrasting red accents as free options. All vehicles come standard with 20-inch wheels. No matter which model you choose. These wheels have an 827M design with a black appearance.

BMW M4 CSL Shows Off Its Three Stunning Colors

Remember that the Alpine White has a solid finish whilst Sapphire Black has a metallic finish. The M4 CSL signature like the visible carbon fiber details on the hood’s indentations is also present. The modded vehicles also had optional laser headlights that shine in yellow. This is a nod to vintage race cars.

All three vehicles carry the iconic Motorsport logo. This is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the M division. Speaking of unanticipated choices, tinted rear windows is also available for an additional price.

We can’t help but wonder if most of these will spend their entire lives in a climate-controlled garage due to the extremely limited production. Many people will undoubtedly view the M4 CSL as an investment. But we’re eager to see the BMW M4 CSL shows off its colors where it belongs – on the road.

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