BMW M4 CSL – An Extraordinary Version

The new talk of today’s automotive industry is the BMW M4 CSL. This render edition comes from the newly released original G82 BMW M4. Compared to the old version of a beaver-tooth grille, it has a kidney grille design. It also has an aero inspired by the GT3 and a big shift to its front end, making it wider than the G82 BMW M4 model.

The last CSL produced by the Bavarians was the famous E46 M3 CSL, so a well thought out follow-up of it is the BMW M4 CSL edition. The iconic E46 M3 CSL is an extremely hard act to follow. The Bavarians are also hesitant to establish a follow-up of it. But they took another shot at it somehow and brought out another car with the famous name of CSL and that is the BMW M4 CSL.

With a scale of over 4,000 lbs, it has 503 horsepower and an all-wheel drive that tips off its highest spec. It has a narrow, short-winged body frame, a realistic aero and a design of a kidney grille that makes it more striking to look at – the most notable change so far. Enthusiasts see the new BMW M4 CSL as an iconic design that they are looking for. 

Even though BMW CSL models are aggressively looking, they still looked like road cars. Obviously, its rendering is like a GT3 racing car than any extra sporty road car. It’s too extreme to take it on the streets because of its realistic aero. To be honest, this isn’t an ordinary sporty road car that you’ve seen on the road. This new improvised version of the M4 will be a great hit in the auto industry. But there’s no question this BMW M4 CSL will be a collector’s item in the future. 

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