2021 BMW M4 Competition in a Striking New Look

The BMW M4 Competition looks stunning as photographer Jules Capdeville reveals some of its amazing shots. The BMW M4 Competition bears the rarest color that enthusiasts had their tongue-tied up – the San Marino Blue shade. The M6 Range formerly wore this shade in the past. This shade is very exclusive only among the M cars. It is indeed a striking new look for the 2021 BMW M4 Competition.

By taking amazing shots around its edges, Capdeville highlights the character of the BMW M4 Competition. This M4 shade shows the ocean colors that leave you in awe. In fact, this unique shade that BMW uses is a little lighter than the metallic shade of Tanzanite Blue. 

Furthermore, the rear end is equally remarkable in these images, revealing the soft squares that pair its sleek taillights. The Zickler line coils up the rear fender in a backward motion that highlights the car’s width. There is another line below the front tire, which crosses and goes towards the rear fender. Accordingly, these two lines make a curve that gives it more power and a sporty look by having a light reflection. Also, the huge kidney grille is smartly hidden to give way for the excellent newly fabricated hood. 

In their normal color palette, the latest 2021 BMW M3 and M4 varies. The people behind these incredible paint shades are the design team from Munich. They came up with the idea that they can convert the shades from lifeless to more lively and stunning shades as they can be. So if you’re thinking of having this car someday, you are most likely to have the most striking shade a car can have.

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