[VIDEO] The new BMW M3 G80 Competition Hitting Top Speed

One of the most winning cars for fans and enthusiasts now is the new BMW M3 G80 Competition. With its styling, sharp steering, and outstanding performance, the BMW M3 G80 is overall exceptional. “It is a car that I simply cannot wait to try out for myself because there’s so many layers that I can’t wait to unravel,” says Nico DeMattia. AutoTopNL releases a new video of the BMW M3 G80 Competition, displaying its actual speed on the road. Check out this new video of AutoTopNL and get to see a bit of the M3 G80’s performance.

The M3 G80 Competition is a Euro-spec car and has a pretty good sound with its government-mandated OPF exhaust filters. It has a roaring and throaty exhaust note that probably exceeds its earlier generation car. There are questions about the noise of the S58 engine, yet it seems that AutoTopNL answers them in this video.

We then get to see the G80 M3 Competition showcasing and hitting at top speed. With GPS timing gear, the M3 Competition was able to reach an acceleration of 3.77 seconds from 0-100 km/h. As realistically fast as it seems to be, the M3 G80 can add a bit more to that. The xDrive models are suspected to be shaving a few tenths off of a second from that time. It is due to their ability to put more power during launch.

The BMW G80 M3 Competition ran a quarter-mile of 11.49 seconds as recorded in the timing gear. It is indeed fast for a stock sport sedan. The M3 Competition in this video reaches a top speed of 281 km/h or at 175 mph. There seems to be more potential for the M3. It looks as if it can easily exceed the record and could reach 185 or even 190 mph. However, a tire pressure warning did appear.

The new BMW M3 G80 Competition will be faster when models start to be in all-wheel-drive. However, its speed is not the true measure of an M3 but rather how fun it is to drive.

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