[VIDEO] First G81 BMW M3 Touring in the US Showcased

The long-awaited BMW M3 Touring has finally made its debut in America, but unfortunately, the G81 model won’t be available in North America. However, the KIES Auto Show at the Atco Raceway in New Jersey offered an excellent platform for dHLer, the aftermarket experts, to showcase the vehicle. Consequently, while enthusiasts may be excited about its arrival, they must explore alternative options in North America.

The absence of a license plate on the vehicle indicates that the family-friendly M3 cannot be legally driven in the US. Despite the G81 not being available in the country, it has undergone notable upgrades. Surprisingly, the wagon shares many similarities with the G80 M3 Sedan available in the United States, making many accessories compatible. One significant modification is the inline-six’s exhaust system. It delivers a unique raspy sound and allows for adjustments using a valve control system controlled remotely.

Furthermore, the G81 boasts a suspension lowering kit, exclusive 21-inch forged wheels, and low-profile Michelin tires. This enhances its stability by reducing the car’s centre of gravity. Notably, Swiss company dHLer has also fine-tuned the twin-turbo 3.0-litre engine. As a result, it boasts an impressive power output of 612 horsepower, almost 100 horsepower more than the base model. It is important to remember that BMW exclusively offers the M3 Touring in Competition trim. This features the upgraded S58 engine and all-wheel drive for enhanced performance.

Transported from Switzerland, the performance wagon boasts a Skyscraper Grey exterior and Silverstone/Black leather interior. However, BMW does not provide a carbon fiber roof option for the M3 Touring; it is exclusively available for the M3 Sedan, including the M340i/M340d Sedan.

While this particular vehicle remains inaccessible to American enthusiasts, they can take solace in the upcoming availability of the larger M5 Touring (G99) after its global debut in 2024.

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