[VIDEO] BMW M3 RWD Race Against BMW M3 xDrive

BMW purists are still in their acclimation phase with this first generation of BMW M3 with all-wheel drive. The M Division-faithful considers the M3 as a sacred machine. Meanwhile, all-wheel drive cars like the BMW M5 and M8 helped BMW enthusiasts become used to the idea of all-wheel drive M cars. For drivers who value chassis balance and precision above all else, this M3 is made and meant to be the pure M car. However, as evidenced by this new video, it’s a fantastic performance machine, although this new BMW M3 xDrive isn’t the purest M3.

YouTuber Joe Achilles competes with his rear-wheel drive BMW M3 Competition. He will pitch it in a drag race against an all-wheel drive BMW M3 Competition xDrive. It’s no surprise that the M3 xDrive is faster. Compared to the standard car, its extra grip allows it to launch far better. What’s surprising is seeing how much faster.

Both cars’ twin-turbo I6 engines can produce 503 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. Power specs are identical for both cars. Aside from their similar power specs, both cars also use an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Their drivetrains, as well as weights, are the main differences. Due to the added running gear, the xDrive model is a bit heavier, but the added grip makes up for it.

The M3 xDrive’s gearing is another advantage in drag races, in addition to its added traction. As just the rear tires alone can’t handle all of the torque on launch in first gear, its launch control starts in second gear. As seen in this video, the xDrive can launch far harder as it can handle first gear.

Moreover, the BMW M3 xDrive outpaced the rear-drive car at the end of the race. And no offence to Achilles, but it seems that his rear-drive car got lunched by the xDrive. Despite this, Achilles smiles as the xDrive call pull away smoothly, showing great sportsmanship.

As most M3 owners typically value handling and dynamics above all else, drag racing is only a tiny aspect of BMW M3 ownership. Regardless of whether you’re a purist or not, the xDrive model’s performance is undeniable.

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