[VIDEO] BMW M3 E46 Goes Out For A Snowy Drive

Novice drivers may find it difficult to start a rear-wheel drive car in the snow. That’s not the case in this video, as Eli from YouTube’s IgnitionTube knows exactly what he’s doing behind the wheel of his BMW M3 E46 sports car. The car is one of a kind, having clocked up 342,000 miles over its lifetime, so it deserves to be celebrated. In case you do not know his background: He is a long-time lover of Audi and Volkswagen products who decided to broaden his horizons and buy a BMW instead.

Considering the slippery driving conditions, it’s important to know that the car’s tyres are not the best choice. The M3 E46 is fitted with a set of all-season Falken tyres, manufactured in 2015. There could be a possible loss of traction, especially given that we are dealing with a rear-heavy car. But Eli seems to have the situation fully under control, even though the tyres are not exactly ideal.

This was Eli’s first RWD experience with snow. Fortunately, the roads were pretty empty that day, so traffic was not a problem. For predictable vehicle behaviour, it is important to maintain a moderate speed at all times, especially when only one axle is driven.

In his earlier videos, his M3 E46 is not ideal, but not terrible either. Like the rod bearings, the subframe needs to be strengthened to fix a typical problem with these cars. Let’s see whether the M3 E46 also cuts a good figure in winter. Stopping should not be a problem with fresh winter tyres. In the end, the car is still running well after so many years and kilometres.

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