[VIDEO] BMW M3 CS’s Daring 200 MPH Challenge on the Autobahn

The BMW M3 CS is stirring up considerable excitement among automotive enthusiasts. When BMW M’s head likened it to a mini version of the M5 CS—widely recognized as this century’s top BMW—the anticipation multiplied. Many hope the M3 CS will replicate the M5 CS’s captivating charm. Its real-world performance is yet to be fully explored, but one thing is undeniable—it’s a speed demon. A recent AutoTopNL video captures the model blazing along the Autobahn at a staggering 193 mph.

Supercars, renowned for their aerodynamic design, motorsport tech, and catchy names, often hit nearly 200 mph. Yet, it’s remarkable how even moderately-sized vehicles today can reach similar speeds. Granted, there’s a substantial gap between 193 and 200 mph, but it’s astoundingly narrow. At 193 mph, the vehicle traverses 283 feet per second. Imagine covering the length of an American football field in the blink of an eye—that’s the power we’re talking about.

The speed of the BMW M3 CS isn’t surprising, given its 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged straight-six engine. Coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission and xDrive all-wheel drive, it pumps 543 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. The M3 CS might seem less captivating on paper than the M4 CSL due to its four doors, added weight, and all-wheel drive. However, its potential for more regular road usage could arguably make it the superior choice.

The great part of this video is the unwavering stability of the vehicle, even at 193 mph. Its steady and effortless drive almost questions the video’s authenticity. It’s as though only a Bugatti should possess such calmness. Kudos to the M Division’s modifications, which transformed the G20 into a G80 on top of the base G20 3 Series chassis. Reportedly, its capabilities exceed expectations thanks to added bracing, a robust suspension, and high-grip tires.

Whether any American racetrack possesses a straightaway length enough for the M3 CS to attain such speed is questionable. Indeed, it seems only possible in Germany, requiring an extensive, vacant stretch of the Autobahn to hit 193 mph. Nonetheless, the mere knowledge of its top-speed capability brings reassurance, knowing it can confidently handle half that pace.

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