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[VIDEO] BMW M3 Competition xDrive Test Drive by MotorTrend

Not everyone agrees on one key area of the BMW M3 Competition, although the car has already gained some rather good reviews. But this isn’t about the BMW M3’s looks. That aside, the M3 is considered by many car enthusiasts to be a great car. People from MotorTrend are the latest to join that list. They also did some instrumental testing and wrote a glowing review of the car in this report.

This year, the current M3 with all-wheel drive is one of the fastest cars, according to the results. The M3 Competition xDrive managed to achieve a time of under 3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h in the routine test. Due to this, the company included the M3 Competition xDrive in their fastest cars list of 2021. The BMW M3 Competition xDrive sprinted from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 2.98 seconds. According to MotorTrend, the experience was also quite exhilarating.

In full M mode, the M3 Competition xDrive with 503 hp and 279 lb-ft is so fast in all settings that the lid of the glove compartment pops open while driving. This is stated on BMW’s photo description of the M3 in their list of 2021’s fastest cars tested. BMW claims that the M3 Competition xDrive reaches top speed in 3.4 seconds. That’s an impressive time, considering that the M3 Competition xDrive will be almost half a second faster.

In the full review, the current M3 gained a lot of good impressions. The BMW M3 Competition xDrive did not just keep up with the 911 Carrera S (992) on a set of windy roads. Sure, the Porsche would still be faster on the track with its lighter weight of 519 pounds. But perhaps you should consider how often you use your car on the race track.

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