[VIDEO] Blast Off in the BMW M3 Touring with 0-60 MPH in 3.3 Secs

It’s time to introduce the inline-six-powered M3 Touring, with electrified vehicles on the horizon. BMW finally developed a long-roof M3 accessible to the public. This includes right-hand-drive countries like the UK, where this video was shot. Carwow tested the AMG C63 Estate competitor and found it lightning-fast. The E46 M3 Touring from 2000 was a one-off creation, but BMW took their time to bring this product to market. Now, it’s finally here and ready for purchase.

As usual with BMW, the G81’s performance was underestimated. The M3 Touring reaches an incredible 0 to 60 mph in just 3.37 seconds. This speed surpasses the official time of 3.6 seconds. It becomes all the more remarkable, given that this car is still essentially a wagon at heart. Furthermore, the M3 Touring hit 100 mph in 8.04 seconds. It also finished a quarter mile in 11.53 seconds, solidifying its place as a high-performing vehicle.

The M3 Touring combines performance, versatility, comfort, and luxury for a single-car garage. The M3 Touring is unavailable in North America. Still, Mat Watson from Carwow would choose to drive it for the rest of his life if given a chance. This car combines the power of an M3 with the practicality of a Touring. This also comes with the comfort and sophistication of a 3 Series.

The automotive critic Mat Watson asserted that while the BMW M3 Touring and Audi RS4 Avant are similar in character, they differ when it comes to making sharp corners. Additionally, he claimed that because the RS6 Avant lacks the fast BMW wagon’s degree of driver involvement, it cannot equal the M3 Touring’s level of driving satisfaction.

According to automotive expert Mat Watson, the BMW M3 Touring and Audi RS4 Avant share similar traits. However, they diverge when it comes to navigating sharp turns. Watson asserts that the RS6 Avant falls short of providing the same driving satisfaction as the M3 Touring. This is because of its lack of driver engagement despite its impressive capability.

By combining a Frozen Pure Grey paint job with black wheels and the anniversary M emblems, the automobile in question has a desirable specification. Additionally, it has a carbon fibre exterior package and extended Fiona Red Merino leather upholstery inside with black accents. The optional carbon fibre front bucket seats are installed on the M3 Touring shown in the video.

The G81 does feel like an all-in-one vehicle. However, it is somewhat expensive, with a starting price of £85,165 in the UK. Play around with the configurator, and you’ll make six figures in no time. When the M5 Touring is rumoured to make a third appearance around 2025, a more costly fast wagon from BMW M will be available.

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