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[Video] 2023 BMW M3 Touring Unveils Frozen Pure Grey Paint

BMW finally gives us a high-performance 3 Series wagon that consumers can actually buy. This becomes possible after only about 22 years since the M3 Touring (E46) concept was introduced. The G81 model was worth the wait, so we’re not complaining. It’s finally making its way to European dealers. In this video, one model done in individual paint has arrived at a Dutch dealership.

The super wagon is dressed to dazzle in Frozen Pure Grey metallic. It is possibly the most versatile model in BMW’s extensive lineup, as it also comes with black wheels. The late AMG C63 Estate rival may not be as focused as an M4 Coupe or an M3 Sedan. However, it is a powerful vehicle with lots of traction. Thanks to an inline-six engine sending over 500 horsepower to both wheels.

This one also has a glossy black roof and optional ceramic brakes, which are indicated by the gold callipers. Recall that BMW does not provide the M3 Touring with a carbon fibre roof. It’s because doing so would have involved substantial adjustments to the production process. This fast wagon won’t sell enough to pay for the changes. Thus, the German automaker has determined it’s not worth the hassle.

It’s important to note that the M3 Touring starts locally at a steep €144,109 in the Netherlands, where automobile costs are through the roof. You’ll have to pay an additional €5,095 for that paint. Although it lacks the updated headlights and other visual changes made for the less expensive models, it inherits the Operating System 8 from the 3 Series LCI. All M3 and M4 cars are believed to get a Life Cycle Impulse in the future.

When the larger fast estate returns in 2024 or 2025, one has to wonder how much BMW will charge for the M5 Touring given how expensive things have gotten. An M3 CS that is anticipated to arrive in the first several months of 2023 is currently being finalized by the M division. According to reports, the M3 and M4 vehicles from the current generation will continue to be offered for sale until 2027.

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