Unveiling BMW’s Electrifying M3: The ‘i’ is Out!

BMW M is steering towards an all-electric future, discarding the familiar inline-six engine in favour of cutting-edge technology. Head of Development, Frank Weber, confirmed the future M3 would be “fully battery-electric,” challenging assumptions tied to the rumoured “iM3” name.

BMW M’s head, Frank van Meel, clarified in a Top Gear interview that the electric sports sedan won’t be named “iM3” and boldly asserted that no M car will bear the letter “i” in its name.

Van Meel ruled out an immediate electric/hybrid supercar but hinted at BMW M’s ongoing dream. The first fully-fledged M car with an all-electric powertrain is rumoured for 2027, codenamed “ZA0” and potentially boasting 700 horsepower.

This shift isn’t just a change in powertrain; it’s reaffirming the core values of the M series. Van Meel stressed M’s essence: not just about the engine but a promise encompassing motorsports and emotion. BMW M is boldly ushering in an electrified era, blending tradition with innovation in the legacy of the M series.

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