The Quad Exhaust System and M Performance Parts of the new BMW M3

Every new generation of M vehicles brings with it a new set of M Performance Parts. There is a wide range of aftermarket items available to suit your preferences. It includes the BMW M2, the new BMW M3/M4 and even the M8. Last year, the M Division revealed the M Performance Parts for the all-new BMW M3 and M4. However, let’s take a further look at some of them today.

New BMW M3

The new BMW M3 has a two-tone paint job which is black and white. With the blacked-out aftermarket parts, the paint job looks fantastic. Several canards, new side skirts, rear diffuser, lower front lip and a massive rear wing are visually noticeable. The M Performance side skirt trims and M Performance carbon air breathers are also visible from the side.

New BMW M3

M Performance sports brake pads are produced directly from BMW Motorsport long-distance brake pads. This is to improve response qualities, exceptional thermal resistance and ensure shorter braking distances. Furthermore, with black callipers, these enhancements look much better.

Created and tuned on several racetracks, the M Performance sports suspension is the following update on the list. It includes a coil-over suspension that allows a ride height reduction of 5-20 mm in an infinitely changeable manner. 

The redesigned exhaust system is the most exciting part of the upgrade. It has four quad pipes compressed together to increase sound quality. This upgrade is unlike the previous M vehicles that have four exhaust pipes separated into two on each side.

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