A Macao Blue Colour Brings Out the Best in BMW M3

BMW offers a wide variety of beautiful paint colours for the M3, but only a few of them really bring out the car’s aesthetic. But the new M3 is just a weird car to paint perfectly. However, the images demonstrate that Macao Blue might be a practical choice.

This BMW M3 has been modified with M Performance components and an Akrapovic exhaust for a more menacing look. However, there are a few good arguments for why Macao Blue complements the M3 so well. For starters, it’s a very dark colour, almost black, which is perfect for the M3 because it helps to hide the car’s unconventional design. The BMW grille isn’t the only odd design element on the M3; the rear fender flare wrinkle that comes suddenly in front of the trunk lid is another. When presented in a dark colour, however, the imperfections are less glaring.

However, Macao Blue isn’t as boring as a jet black. When held up to the light, its brilliant blue lustre becomes immediately apparent. In some lights it even looks purple, and you guys already know how much I adore purple cars. If you can’t make up your mind on what colour to paint your M3, Macao Blue may be the best option. Using bronze wheels, it is also effective.

BMW M3s painted in BMW Individual colours like Macao Blue cost more than the car painted in BMW’s standard M3 colours. Although the price of an M3 in its base form is close to $80,000 (and closer to $90,000 for a Competition xDrive with options), the extra few thousand dollars for an Individual colour are well worth it. Finally, Macao Blue seems to be a good choice.

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