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G80 BMW M3 Looks More Aggressive with Aero Kit from 3D Design

Among all of BMW’s sedans, the G80 BMW M3 boasts one of the most aggressive exterior designs. It is anything but subtle with its enormous grille and wide fenders. However, this aero kit from 3D Design might be for you if you want to make it look even sportier without going too far (which is easy to accomplish).

Only a few things make the M3 stand out from other cars. Nevertheless, they all work together to make that difference, especially with this aero kit. There are new side skirts, a rear lip spoiler, a new diffuser, and a rear trunk spoiler. There are also front canards that cut through the front air intakes. Along with these are a lower front lip spoiler, lower front canards, and some updated wheels. Except for the wheels, all body pieces are constructed from carbon fibre. You can rely on them to fit perfectly and be of the highest quality since they were from 3D Design.

The 20-inch, five-spoke wheels in these images look terrific on the M3. What’s giving this car a bit of a fussy look are the M3’s extremely aggressive stock wheels. However, the simpler wheels help calm the car down nicely. Additionally, it is lowered on coilover suspension, which enhances its appearance. The said suspension is not part of this particular kit, although it is also at hand through 3D Design.

This might be the best action if you want to make your BMW M3 look sportier and more aggressive than every other M3 in your local auto club. Without making the car look overly boy-racer or like it came from a Need for Speed video game, it adds some nice carbon fibre elements. These elements blend in incredibly well with the M3’s original style. You also know you’re receiving the best quality because it’s 3D Design.

This design update isn’t as all-inclusive as other aero kits from other brands, but that’s kind of the goal. This brand-new 3D Design kit is intended to discreetly improve the M3’s design using high-quality components to give it a sportier look.

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