Explore the 2023 BMW M340i with M Performance Parts

A few months ago, BMW updated the M Performance version of the M340i, bringing it closer to the M3 by making a carbon fibre roof available as an option. This option will be standard on the 2023 BMW M340i. This BMW M340i Facelift has a lightweight top and numerous M Performance Upgrades. If you look closely, you can see carbon fibre in the grille and front spoiler. All M340i cars manufactured in 2023 will feature commemorative 50th anniversary badging. The red tow strap up front completes the new look.

The same lightweight and sturdy material is also used for the trunk lid spoiler and diffuser in the back. Mineral White paint looks great against the blacked-out badge with the tri-color M on the back. The stock exhaust system is complemented by a more powerful 100 mm M Performance Exhaust system. The M Performance stickers on the body and the rear window sticker from the 1980s complete the exterior accessories.

A carbon fibre and Alcantara steering wheel with a red 12 o’clock marker are standard equipment in the 2023 BMW M340i. The central armrest has the M Performance logo and three colours, while the door hinge pins have the /M logo. If you look closely, you can see the M Performance emblem on the dashboard on the passenger’s side and on the bottom spoke of the wheel.

Let’s take a closer look at this BMW M340i because, after adding in all the optional extras, it comes perilously near to the price of a base M3!

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