BMW M3 Touring Carbon Fiber Roof Upgrade

The BMW M3 Touring offers numerous customization options and M Performance Parts, but notably lacks a carbon fibre roof choice for the G81 model. This omission is due to the need for substantial factory alterations in Munich. In contrast, the M340i sedan can be fitted with a carbon roof. To address this, some owners are turning to the aftermarket.

In the UK, Quattro Coachworks was enlisted by Evolve Automotive to replace the stock steel roof of an M3 Touring with Alpha N-Performance’s carbon fibre roof. Despite the debate over whether this should have been a factory option, there’s hope that the upcoming 2025 M3 CS Touring will include a carbon roof.

Though the carbon roof only shaves off 11 kg (24 lbs), it lowers the vehicle’s centre of gravity. This M3 Touring has also adopted a 5 kg (11 lbs) lighter dual-vented carbon bonnet from Alpha-N Performance and features yellow daytime running lights and additional body enhancements for a more striking appearance.

To enhance its visual appeal, the M3 Touring now sports yellow daytime running lights and a selection of body add-ons, embracing the spirit of BMW’s CS models.

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