BMW Customer Reviews New 2021 BMW G80 M3

Mike D’Ambrosio, a professional photographer and long-time BMW customer, reviews the all-new BMW G80 M3. After countless debates, Mike finally makes a move to lessen the heat. Can it exceed the F80? 

BMW Customer Reviews New 2021 BMW G80 M3 1

Mike mentioned that the nose of his M3 should not matter. He added that M3s were not beautiful cars but only made functional. The purpose of the vehicle is to kick butt. He does not like the carbon-fibre seats. The carbon seats are all looking beautiful and can also accept a real five-point racing harness. But for a man who is 6’1″, a ride for a few hours gave him a cramp. He says that ingress is not easy. The base seats are similar to those on the F80.

BMW Customer Reviews New 2021 BMW G80 M3 2

D’Ambrosio also states that he did not like the Shadowline trim on the bottom of the car. He said that it emphasizes the busy surface styling. A 400 horsepower is too much for him. According to Mike, to fully experience the performance of the M3, you will need a lot of skill, no police, and an open road. It is not that fun unless having all three.

He compared the G80 M3 to his F90 M5. Mike commented that the G80 M3 is a lot like the M5, smooth and refined, yet capable. The G80 M3 turned out to be heavier at about 500 lbs than the F80.  It weighs more than the BMW 540i sedan. He suggests that if you think of getting one, try some of BMW M’s cars first.

BMW Customer Reviews New 2021 BMW G80 M3 3

As for the interior, he loved the design for such an upgrade over the F80. It does not feel cheap. The BMW G80 M3 comes packed with a big leather-wrapped steering wheel, a beautiful carbon-fibre trim, and a large touch screen.

The M3 rides the same as the M5. It remained comfortable even on snow-covered roads, and road noise subdued. The G80 M3 in SPORT+ mode made it firmer.  

Overall, Mike stated that the G80 M3 fills every need, but most importantly, it’s fun. He added that if you want to get a hand on the new M3, then make a room in your garage for one.

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