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[Video] Essen Motor Show to Feature M2 M Performance Parts

The 2023 BMW M2 G87 with M Performance Parts debuted in October and will be shown at Essen in November. This European counterpart of SEMA concentrates on the aftermarket business, though some automakers showcase modified vehicles. Before the M2 CS and/or CSL arrive, show off the sports coupe in its most opulent trim.

BMW Deutschland released a video today showcasing the M2’s second generation outfitted with what appears to be all available M Performance Parts. It’s easy to see why some could feel the design was too forceful. Although, buyers can only buy the complete dazzling package if they want one or two components. Quad exhaust tips in the centre are polarising, like on the M3 and M4, and side spats are excessive for a street car. Because the M2’s standard trunk lid spoiler isn’t noticeably different in design from the M240i.

The centre lock wheel is the most notable addition to the new M2-specific M Performance Parts lineup. The set will be released for the M3 and M4 soon. It makes sense for the highly anticipated 3.0 CSL, which will be released later this month, to abandon the conventional five-lug nut layout. The forged set features a matte Jet Black finish and a centre lock design inspired by racecars.

Despite the video’s emphasis on the outside, BMW has also updated the interior. The Pro steering wheel will include a 12 o’clock marker and stitching, while the interior will be carbon fibre and Alcantara. Carbon fibre door sill plates and shift paddles for the automatic model are featured in the M Performance Parts catalogue. M Performance adjustable suspension lowers the car by 10 mm. The 2022 Essen Motor Show is slated for December 2-11, so we can finally see the car in the metal.

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