[VIDEO] BMW M2 Gets a Clean Complete Redesign

Tuners continue to work around the clock to personalize the current model while waiting for BMW to unveil the new M2 (G87). It has received a heavy dose of aftermarket steroids, so this is not your standard F87 build. Youtuber Driving Cody recently captured it on camera when it debuted at SEMA 2021 in Las Vegas.

This M2 is a lot different from other widebody M2 cars. It’s more than simply using rivets to hold the widened arches in place. In addition, it equipped a Darwinpro carbon kit for the sporty coupe from the ground up. Then a moulded body to give that straight from the factory impression. Although beauty depends on people who appreciate the car, it is easy to identify an impressively clean build.

Maranello’s book helped the team behind the project rather than looking for inspiration in the BMW Individual catalogue. Inspired by a 2009 Ferrari F430 Scuderia, light blue paint covers the car. It has 13 layers of clear coat and is more pearlescent than the OEM paint. To partially display the inline-six engine, they retained the hood’s transparent section of Darwinpro. While the valve covers and roll cage added rose gold accents.

In 48 hours, Garage Works developed a Pickachu-themed 2021 M2 model with a manual gearbox for SEMA. Improvements such as the retained original powerplant, albeit with a remapped ECU, are on the way. This improvement aims to build a 1,100 horsepower fully built race engine. A 19 inch Brixton alloy wheels with 275/35 R19 front and 325/30 R19 rear tires is another car’s build.

Most of the visible additional modifications are in the car’s interior. BMW installed Recaro Podium bucket seats with a carbon fibre shell in the bagged M2 with air suspension. Carbon fibre can be seen everywhere, while the top of the steering wheel has been removed. This wasn’t cheaply built, to sum it up.

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