[Video] BMW M2 CS Takes on a New Spotlight

The BMW M2 CS receives positive feedback when released in the auto industry. It is simple yet offers you a practical driving experience.  To most enthusiasts, M2 CS can highly be a collector’s item even though newer cars today are heavier, bigger, and more complicated. Find out why in the video below.

MotoMan, a well known enthusiast in the auto industry who reviews BMW cars. Recently, he includes BMW M2 CS on his list of reviews. He also test drove the car to see its performance on the road. In fact, it is a thousand lighter when compared to the M5 CS. 

The M2 CS amazes Motoman on how it performs especially when it passes on the curves of the road. Its compact packaging makes it more precise, swift and rapid when it runs on a straight line road. However, he prefers the manual rather than the 7-speed DCT gearbox that comes with its tester, which he didn’t particularly agreed on. 

What makes the M2 CS stand out from any other car is its straight six engine that delivers balance, lightness and powerful performance. It will bring you excitement like a racetrack driver on the road. Enthusiasts’ expects it to become the best ever manufactured car and another great success of BMW M. 

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