Should the Render of the BMW M2 Convertible Come to Life?

First things first, BMW will not produce a convertible M2. Since compact convertibles are not very popular, there are currently no plans to produce a convertible 2 Series. Despite that, we may still speculate and ask whether BMW should change its mind. Especially in light of the recent release of this quite accurate-looking render.

Unexpectedly, this rendering of the BMW M2 Convertible is actually damn impressive. Thanos Pappas, the render artist who created it for Car Scoops, did a superb job designing and making it appear realistic. It looks great how the soft-top roofline is merged into the car’s profile. Though they likely simply copied the roof from another convertible BMW (maybe the most recent 2 Series Convertible), it still functions flawlessly.

It also demonstrates how stylish a convertible is with the top up or down in this new 2 Series design. Even without the top, the flat shoulder line and the boxy, flared rear wheel arches maintain its muscular appearance. Three colours—blue, red, and yellow—were used by the render artist, with yellow coming out the best. It looks like a very fun convertible and has a Speed Yellow vibe.

Hence, we are now aware that the BMW M2 would look terrific as a convertible. Does that suggest BMW needs to produce one? I think it’s a yes. Throw out the annual profit/loss reports, ignore the shareholders, and curse the profit margins. The last-ever piston-powered I6 M automobile and the last-ever internal combustion M2 are both included in this vehicle. Give the M2 as many interesting body types as possible to send it out into the world the right way. Undoubtedly, it will lose money because so few people will purchase it. It would, however, be cool, because BMW hasn’t recently done anything cool just for being cool.

And it would probably be a blast. The M2 is already astonishingly hefty, so it would be even heavier, bringing much more drama to the driving experience. The smells of the surroundings would overpower the senses, and the sound of the exhaust and the wind in your hair. All the while cutting corners and sliding sideways. That certainly seems like it would be worthwhile to invest in.

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