All-Around Look at 2023 BMW M2 Brooklyn Grey: Photo Highlights

Although analogue sports cars are largely extinct, BMW’s M2 is the closest thing to one in 2023. It is a rear-wheel-drive coupe powered by an inline-six engine without electrification. It’s most likely the last of its kind, as the next generation of M models will all be hybrids and do away with the stick shift, according to previous pronouncements from the Bavarian brand.

BMW UK showcased the second-gen M2 in an extended photo session, underscoring the G87. Featured is a Brooklyn Grey model, equipped with an automatic transmission—standard in the UK. Opting for a 6MT? Prepare to shell out an extra £1,200. Yes, manual costs are rising in 2023. However, this doesn’t apply everywhere—BMW USA offers both gearboxes as complimentary options.

The new M2, markedly larger and heftier than its predecessor, aligns closely with the M4 and sports a distinct look. This model features basic seats—versus the optional carbon seats—and two-tone 930 M wheels and blue brake callipers. The cabin is decked out with the iDrive 8, boasting two large displays, a notable enhancement from the previous F87’s design.

Power is only sent to the rear wheels, the same as the base M vehicles before. An M2 xDrive is rumoured, but according to our sources, a final decision is still being made. BMW is working on a CS version that should arrive in 2025 with more than 500 horsepower and automated transmission.

The M2 might be the final vehicle to satisfy purists, but on the bright side, it will continue to be produced for many more years to come. BMW is expected to keep producing the vehicle through 2029, giving fans plenty of time to purchase an M automobile with a non-hybrid ICE system and a third pedal.

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