Highlight Features of the All-new BMW iX

Last week, BMW unveiled the iX in its entirety, including its technical specifications and information. The all-new BMW iX is designed to lead the business into an electric future. It is also by far the most technologically advanced BMW ever produced. Check out its best feature that builds up this impressive electric vehicle.

All-new BMW iX

The all-new BMW iX uses radio technology to provide drivers with “Great Entrance Moments”. When the driver approaches the car, it performs outside and inside light dance courtesy of the iDrive system. According to Apple, this feature will be available at the end of this year. The all-new BMW iX also has good looking and high-performance aero wheels. These wheels greatly minimise aerodynamic drag while looking both fashionable and functional.

For interior shading, the glass roof uses Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) technology to create shade inside. The electrochromic sunroof in the BMW iX is the most expansive glass roof in all the BMW models. You can turn and off the electrochromic shade by pressing the button in the roof function centre. Furthermore, when you park your BMW iX, the shade mode automatically activates.

As for the safety feature, the BMW iX showcases the BMW Remote Theft Recorder. The BMW Remote Theft Recorder works in tandem with the overhead interior. It activates when something triggers the alarm system. From all cameras around the vehicle, you can now access, save the images on your smartphone. You can also merge them to create a 360-degree panoramic view. However, you can also utilise the overhead camera for entertainment purposes. For example, during a road trip with friends and family. You can take photos through gestures, touch controls and voice commands. A self-timer with a three-second delay is also available as another option in capturing exceptional moments.

The BMW iX includes the latest iDrive 8 with brand-new graphics and screen. It is now more user-friendly as BMW significantly improved its functionality. For simpler accessibility, the latest iDrive 8 stark comes with a black, white and red colour palette finish. Furthermore, the iDrive 8 enhances the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. It communicates with the passengers through a redesigned graphic.

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