[VIDEO] A Tour of The All-New 7 Series and i7

BMW gives us a tour of the all-new 7 Series and i7. The German luxury carmaker goes through various versions of the G70 in this video.

The new face of full-size luxury, the seventh 7 is BMW’s true flagship. This video tours us through the refreshed saloon in ICE and EV versions. It also features the combination of these two flavors in the form of the plug-in hybrid, M760e.

As seen in Concept XM and the X7 LCI, its split headlights are on each side of the giant grille with a lighted contour. Both versions in this video carry this polarizing design. It also has optional crystals integrated into the upper daytime running lights. These crystals act as pulsating turning signals as well.

It is obvious that the new G70 is larger than the previous versions. The length of the rear doors, which are now automatic in nature, proves its larger size. Another telltale sign for the larger 7 series comes in the form of its generous greenhouse. A prominent Hofmeister that is more expressive than ever completes the package.

Before featuring the i7, the video also showed some alloy wheel choices and two-tone paint jobs. BMW then presented the M760e with its quad exhaust. The luxury carmaker also confirmed that the G70 will not have a V12 engine.

Although the exterior comes with polarizing opinions, the interior gained the praise of everyone. It has an overall minimalist look with a door-mounted touchscreen and the enormous Theatre Display on the roof. It also comes with optional dual tablets at the back of the front seats. Some other techs include 5G connectivity and electric sun blinds. It also comes with deployable footrests and headrest speakers.

Check out this video as BMW takes us on a tour of the All-New 7 Series and i7!

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