Seventh of Sevens: The G70 7-Series arrives in Singapore

Hot on the heels of a private closed-door viewing of their brand-new i7, BMW has officially revealed the all-new BMW 7 Series, the seventh generation of the brand’s flagship model, in Singapore.

While the unveiling of their brand new techno-laden flagship is cause for celebration indeed, the latest 7 also brings with it a brand new ownership experience, dubbed the “BMW Excellence Club”, giving owners of these high-end automobiles access into “a world of (even more) distinct privileges”, encompassing cultural, gastronomical and even experiential driving delights through specially curated events.

And if that wasn’t enough, BMW also announced during the event that all new customers will now be covered under BMW’s Service Inclusive Plus for 5 years with an extended warranty for 5 years or 200,000km, whichever comes first, for all BMW models across the range.

With the i7 already unveiled a couple of weeks earlier, its ICE-powered sibling, the 735i is the launch variant picked for the Singapore market (and looking lovely in a duotone shade). While the latest 7’s list of brand-new features reads like something out of a science fiction novel, some nitty gritty elements have had to be omitted to satisfy our strange (and let’s face it, horribly outdated and out of touch) homologation requirements, key of which is the illuminated kidney grille.

All is not lost however because one of the latest 7’s key party pieces, the highly impressive theatre rear screen will be coming in early next year. I highly recommend waiting.

Whilst we’ve yet to get our hands behind the wheel for a full test drive impression and complete rundown of its technologically impressive features, what we can tell you now is that there, as always, will be two distinct levels of trim available for the 735i, Pure Excellence and M Sport Pro, with the price of entry currently set at S$564,888 and S$594,888 respectively, inclusive of COE.

Those wanting something a little more high-tech (and visually more appealing than Mercedes’ MPV-like EQS) can take a gander at the all-new superlative i7 xDrive60 which comes in at S$612,888, a smidgen more than the 735i M Sport Pro and currently our pick of the trio because let’s face it, when you’re in the market for a car in this segment, we’re pretty sure access to an EV charger is no longer an issue.

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