Impressive Design and Tech of the BMW 7 Series and i7

The BMW 7 Series’ exterior looks debatable for some, so we can understand polarizing opinions on it. But the impressive design and tech of the BMW 7 Series and i7 say otherwise.

Impressive Design and Tech of the BMW 7 Series and i7

Without a doubt, the interior of the 7 Series looks stunning even without the flashy technology. An old-school luxury feel sets it apart from the rest of the cars in its line.

Its leather seats, steering wheel, and dashboard exceed quality expectations. The aluminum Bowers & Wilkins speaker grilles stand out against the rich leather door panels. And the wood inlay on the dash completes the car’s exquisite look.

Perfect interior plus fantastic technology makes up the impressive design of the 7 Series. First, you get a really cool “Interaction Bar.” This is a lighted trim bar wrapped around the front cabin and can show various lights for different things. The driver can also adjust it to display their preferred color.

Impressive Design and Tech of the BMW 7 Series and i7

Then you also get the superb rear-seat door panel touchscreens. These operate everything in the rear cabin, including climate settings and sunshades. The touchscreens can also navigate the incredible yet optional 31-inch theater screen.

The new BMW 7 Series follows in the footsteps of Rolls-Royce with automated doors. Pressing a button on the outside door handle will automatically open it. Similarly, pressing the interior door handle automatically closes the door. You can’t possibly have this smart tech with an S-Class.

Of course, the new BMW 7 Series may not come as the most visually appealing car. Not everyone has the same opinion about its exterior design. However, it does have the best cabin, most luxurious interior, and most advanced technology.

The new series is without a doubt the most luxurious BMW vehicle to date. Undoubtedly a thing to behold. You must check it out!

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