2024 BMW 7 Series: Unmasking the Armoured 760i xDrive

The armoured 7 Series has earned a new codename, setting it apart from the standard G70 at local BMW dealerships. Following the E67 and F03, it’s now the G73 or 7 Series Protection. This exciting model was recently spied undergoing tests. It’s confirmed for an official reveal in the year’s final quarter, with both ICE and EV variants on offer.

The conventional-powered 7 Series Protection likely comes solely as a 760i xDrive. The prototype’s quad exhaust tips suggest it houses a V8. Interestingly, in Europe, BMW doesn’t sell its flagship vehicle with an eight-cylinder engine. So, this armoured variant might be your only ticket to a 7er with the 4.4-litre engine.

In the US, the V8 powers a 5,004-pound car with 544 horsepower and 750 Newton meters of torque. Given its additional armour, the 760i xDrive will weigh more, needing this robust engine for swift escapes. While the old V12 would seem logical, the M760i is no longer a recent 7 Series option. As for the expected weight? Uncertain, but consider this – the hefty F03 tipped the scales at 7,605 pounds.

How do we distinguish the 7 Series Protection from others? While the 760i might raise eyebrows due to its rarity, several clues reveal its identity. Notably, the car sits higher due to modified suspension and sports subtly widened wheel arches. Plus, upon a closer look, you’ll spot a flag holder on the front fenders.

Just like the 760i xDrive, an i7 Protection is in the pipeline. Likely, it won’t feature in the configurator. The forthcoming armoured model should meet or exceed the security level of the 2019-introduced X5 Protection VR6. Since launching the 733i High Security (E23) in 1978, BMW has built special vehicles, including similar versions in the 3 Series and 5 Series.

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